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As a photographer, I use photography as a medium to capture the world that God created. I take pictures that call attention to creations we tend to overlook or take for granted; capturing detail that gives a different perspective on how we visualize the beauty of God's creations. My goal is to take photographs that draw viewers into the now and to find beauty in the simplest creations and make them revealing in simplicity and wonder.

In addition to selling my photographs through this site, I am also available for hire to satisfy your photography needs.  I'm well versed in the areas of special event photography, promotional photos for artists & musicians, concert and performance photography, family, portraits, children's photography, couples photography, business photography in the areas of employee portraits and promotional photos of operations activities and photographs of facilities and buildings as well as corporate events. 

I reside in the area of Cambridge, ON and I am prepared to travel to locations approximately one hour drive of my location. So, if you have a need to hire a photographer please contact me at:  james.estok@gmail.com. 

The purpose of this site is to promote my work as a photographer. 

Jim Estok